Opening doors for the homeless in Chelmsford

Our Aims

Our Christian ethos guides our belief that everyone is of equal worth and equally deserving of respect.

Supporting the Homeless

CHESS stands for "Churches Homeless Emergency Support Scheme". That is a significant statement of who we are and what we are about. To learn more, click on the links below to find out more.


Our Christian ethos guides our belief that everyone is of equal worth and equally deserving of respect, whatever their background, history or circumstances.

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Homelessness is real. At any one time we expect to have links with significant numbers of homeless people, a number which increases as the weather becomes harsher in winter months. We also receive significant numbers of new requests for emergency accommodation each month.

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For those finding themselves newly homeless, for whatever reason, help is often a matter of survival. We have had people turn up at our door after being evicted by parents, siblings, partners, friends or landlords, with nothing but the clothes they stand up in. People need someone to turn to for help. For most homeless people in Chelmsford that means CHESS.

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We provide a variety of services for homeless people, including mentoring, advice on securing accommodation, securing employment.

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Chelmsford CHESS is both a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.

Our aims are:
To relieve hardship and distress amongst the homeless primarily but not exclusively within the district administered by Essex County Council and among those living in adverse housing conditions, in particular but not exclusively by a) the provision of emergency accommodation and associated services, and b) the provision of assistance towards acquiring a settled way of life through rehabilitation and permanent accommodation.

The relief of poverty of persons living in the above mentioned area.

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