Opening doors for the homeless in Chelmsford

Mentoring Project

Support Workers will work with residents on their individual Support Plan.

Getting alongside people

We have started a pilot scheme for a mentoring project. This will enable each resident who wishes to take part to have their own mentor in addition to a CHESS Support Worker. The Support Worker will continue to work with the resident on their individual Support Plan, designed to help the resident develop to the point where they no longer need CHESS's support.

The mentor will act more as a companion on the journey, meeting the resident regularly for an open talk on how they are getting on and how they are feeling about it and, where necessary, helping them as they feel their way towards important decisions they need to make or face things they find difficult.

Obviously the mentors need to be people who are settled and secure in their own lives. Mentors have already been chosen for the pilot scheme; they will be taking part in an initial training course later this week.